一 般 諸 元
•艦  長: 390    呎   6 吋
•艦  寬: 41    呎   1 吋
•最大速率: 34 .5  節  
•經濟速率: 15    節  
•吃  水: 18    呎   6 吋
•排    量: 3,480
.Length: 390    ft.   6 in.
.Width: 41   ft.   1 in.
.Max. Speed: 34 .6 kts.  
.Eco. Speed: 15   kts.  
.Draft: 18 ft.   6 in.
.Displacement: 3,480
  tons tons  (maximum)

歷 任 艦 長
第 一任艦長 唐建偉上校 (66.08.21-68.05.10)
第 二任艦長 楊宗波上校 (68.05.10-69.12.10)
第 三任艦長 吳森輝上校 (69.12.10-71.08.28)
第 四任艦長 常志驊上校 (71.08.28-73.01.14)
第 五任艦長 徐德生上校 (73.01.14-74.08.02)
第 六任艦長 張文平上校 (74.08.02-76.02.04)
第 七任艦長 賴浦臨上校 (76.02.04-77.05.21)
第 八任艦長 吳仁棟上校 (77.05.21-78.07.24)
第 九任艦長 趙立中上校 (78.07.24-79.10.27)
第 十任艦長 林汐源上校 (79.10.27-80.12.30)
第十一任艦長 黃信智上校 (80.12.30-82.03.17)
第十二任艦長 李克陵上校 (82.03.17-83.11.04)
第十三任艦長 董翔龍上校 (83.11.04-84.07.19)
第十四任艦長 李肇鵬上校 (84.07.19-84.12.23)
第十五任艦長 王鴻基上校 (84.12.23-85.12.16)
第十六任艦長 王志澄中校 (85.12.16-87.07.02)
第十七任艦長 魏仲信中校 (87.07.02-88.11.16)

開 陽 沿 革 史
  開陽軍艦原為美軍 Gearing級驅逐艦,編號DD-786 ,一九四五年十月二十六日成軍,曾參加韓戰及越戰。民國六十六年由美國軍售移交我國,同年八月二十四日自美拖返高雄,三十一日由前總司令鄒堅上將主持成軍典禮,命名「開陽」軍艦。開陽軍艦在海軍服役二十二年期間,執行偵巡、外島運補護航、專送、敦睦遠航及各項演訓等五百餘次任務,於民國八十八年十一月十六日除役。

The DDG-924, ROCS Kai-Yang
performed the 500MD ASW helicopter
landing operation.

The officers and crews of
Kai-Yang passed in review at a parade.

  DDDG-924 Kai-Yang was the ex-USS Anderson, the Gearing-class (FRAM I) destroyer, DD-786, she was laid down by Todd Pacific Shipyards, Seattle, WA. December 1, 1944, launched July 7, 1945 and commissioned October 26, 1945. She has been participating in Korean War and Vietnam War etc. with splendid merits and great achievements. Stricken January 30, 1976, transferred to Taiwan, ROC, re-commissioned August 31, 1977 by Admiral Chou Chian, the former Commander-In-Chief of ROC Navy and renamed Kai-Yang with the hull number DDG-924. DDG-924 Kai-Yang was in service of ROC Navy for 22 years and the missions are patrolling the Taiwan Strait and surrounding waters, convoying offshore islands support and supply, annually midshipman cruise training, designated missions, escorting the fishing vessels and various missions which plays an important role on the Naval force construction and combat readiness, secure the safety of
Taiwan Strait and Maritime communications. Finally, the DDG-924 Kai-Yang was decommissioned November 16, 1999.

陳 年 憶 往
  當年的支隊長為李傑將軍,也就是現任的總司令;在這次的航程中,最讓人記憶深刻的就是在印度洋上遭遇颱風的襲擊。當時本艦 76砲的外罩受損,左舷 01至 02甲板的垂直梯被風損成螺旋梯,官廳的水密門也嚴重受損,但整個支隊在支隊長的領導之下,以同舟共濟的精神通過狂風暴雨的挑戰,令全體官兵均親身體會「在最兇猛的風浪中,才能鍛練出最精良的水手」這句話的涵義。


  I was assigned as the combat information officer at DDG-924 in 1990. DDG-924 was an excellent ship then, back then the ships perform the annually midshipmen cruise training are the destroyers with Wu-Chin III combat systems. For some reasons in 1992, DDG-924 with Wu-Chin II combat system was selected to perform the annually midshipmen cruise training, it shows the equipments and conditions of DDG-924 is the best.
  The cruise training commander was Admiral Lee Jay, the Chairman of Chief General Staffs, MND now. The most impressive thing is the fighting with the typhoon while the training squadron sailed en route the Indian Ocean, the 76 mm Gun at the bow was damaged, the port ladder from 01 deck to 02 deck was twisted as well as the hatch of wardroom. However, with the leadership of Admiral Lee, everyone of the Squadron kept fighting with the typhoon and went through the toughness. That makes all the members
of the Squadron understand the meaning of the saying “The toughest sailors can only be trained through the most fierce winds and waves.”
  While the Squadron arrived in South Africa, all the political and military officers admired our efforts to go through the tough
climates and sea states, and appraise for our achievements of such an impossible mission. And this mission is the most memorable and unforgettable experience in my life.

The fourth Commanding
Officer of DDG-924, ROCS
Kai-Yang, Captain Charng
was sworn in as the Flotilla
Commander witnessed.


The DDG-906, ROCS Huei-Yang
was assigned as the DD-696 while
in the service of US Navy.

The officers and the crews of DDG-924, ROCS Kai-Yang participated the nuclear, biological and chemical training.

The DDG - 924, ROCS Kai-Yang
rescued the Sheng

Commander Lee Kwan-Min served as the Combat Information Officer at the DDG-924 from 1990 to 1992.

The DDG-924, ROCS Kai-Yang in the
decommissioning ceremony
November 16, 1999.


Mr. Jeng, the ROC representative at Singapore boarded and visited
DDG-924, ROCS Kai-Yang accompanied

by Admiral Lee, the squadron commander while tasking the Midshipman Cruise Training at Singapore.

The Change of commands for the incoming Commanding Officer of
DDG-924, ROCS Kai-Yang.

The DDG-924, ROCS Kai-Yang
performed the replenishment
exercise at sea.