一 般 諸 元
•艦  長: 390    呎   6 吋
•艦  寬: 40    呎  10 吋
•最大速率: 31 .2  節  
•經濟速率: 15    節  
•吃  水: 14    呎   4 吋
•排 水  量: 3,460
.Length: 390    ft.   6 in.
.Width: 40   ft.  10 in.
.Max. Speed: 31 .2 kts.  
.Eco. Speed: 15   kts.  
.Draft: 14   ft.   4 in.
.Displacement: 3,460
  tons tons  (maximum)

歷 任 艦 長
第 一任艦長 徐明昭上校 (62.04.01-64.01.31)
第 二任艦長 李覲基上校 (64.01.31-65.12.06)
第 三任艦長 錢思同上校 (65.12.06-67.09.08)
第 四任艦長 李伊州上校 (67.09.08-69.03.28)
第 五任艦長 周鏡宏上校 (69.03.28-70.08.14)
第 六任艦長 祝本立上校 (70.08.14-72.02.19)
第 七任艦長 韋宗定上校 (72.02.19-73.06.14)
第 八任艦長 馮亦中上校 (73.06.14-74.12.07)
第 九任艦長 溫在春上校 (74.12.07-76.07.15)
第 十任艦長 曾震威上校 (76.07.15-77.09.02)
第十一任艦長 嚴維中上校 (77.09.02-78.12.30)
第十二任艦長 邱奕如上校 (78.12.30-80.03.05)
第十三任艦長 姜光華上校 (80.03.05-81.06.05)
第十四任艦長 纂建倫上校 (81.06.05-82.09.18)
第十五任艦長 徐 博上校 (82.09.18-83.05.14)
第十六任艦長 李 皓上校 (83.05.14-85.03.27)
第十七任艦長 夏君達中校 (85.03.27-85.06.27)
第十八任艦長 蘇立青中校 (85.06.27-87.03.27)
第十九任艦長 俞虎平中校 (87.03.27-88.03.16)

萊 陽 沿 革 史

The photograph of the Midshipmen
 Cruise Training Squadron commander
and officers and the overseas Chinese leaders while the DDG-920,
ROCS Lai-Yang visited South Korea.

  萊陽軍艦原為美國 Gearing級驅逐艦,原編號DD-790 。係由美國華盛頓州西雅圖市陶德造船廠建造,一九四六年六月二十一日成軍,隸屬美海軍太平洋艦隊,曾參加韓戰及越戰獲有輝煌戰果。
  民國六十二年四月十八日我駐美大使沈劍虹先生,於加州聖地牙哥一號碼頭代表我政府接收該艦,沈大使於簽收後立即宣佈命名為萊陽軍艦,編號DDG-920 ,將指揮權交予第一任艦長徐明昭上校,並舉行升旗典禮與成軍儀式。
項演訓等任 務,航跡遍佈太平洋與台灣週邊海域,總計航行四萬八千七百餘小時,總航程五十一萬三千一百多浬。為護衛海疆安全貢獻甚多,隨著海軍新一代兵力整建,於八十八年三月十六日除役,永遠的走入歷史。
  DDG-920 Lai-Yang was the ex-USS Shelton, the Gearing-class (FRAM I) destroyer, DD-790, laid down by Todd Pacific Shipyards, Seattle, WA. on May 31, 1945, launched on March 8, 1946 and commissioned on June 21, 1946. She was under the command of Pacific Fleet, USN and participated in Korean War and Vietnam War etc. with splendid merits and great achievements. Stricken on 31 March 1973, she was transferred to R.O.C. Navy on
April 18, 1973 at San Diego, CA by the ROC Taiwan’ s de facto ambassador to the US, Mr. Shen Chien-Hong and renamed as Lai-Yang with the hull number DD-920. Captain Hsu Min-Chou was in command as the first Commanding Officer.
  DDG-920 later was under the Wu-Chin II fire control system modernization program in May, 1980,mounted the 76-mm gun in 1982, and the upgrade equipped DDG-920 with AAW capabilities. DDG-920 Lai-Yang was in service of ROC Navy for 25 years. The mission was patrolling the Taiwan Strait and surrounding waters to convoy offshore-islands-support-and-supply, midshipman training cruise, task flotilla and various missions. She played an important role on the Navy force built-up and fleet combat readiness, secure the safety of Taiwan Strait and Maritime communications. The overall underway hours are 48,700 hours and the range is 513,100 nm. Finally, the DDG-920 Lai-Yang was decommissioned on March 16, 1999.  

陳 年 憶 往  

The Commander-In-Chief of South
African Navy(SAN) visited DDG-920,
ROCS Lai-Yang.



  Since I graduated from the Chinese Naval Academy in 1981, I have been serving in the Submarine Squadron all the times. My first assignment for the surface ship is the Commanding Officer of PCE-866, Wu-Sheng. After PCE-866 decommissioned, I was assigned as the Commanding Officer of DDG-920, Lai-Yang, since this is my first time working at a boilers ship, I felt lots of pressure and was afraid that I am not capable to perform my job well. When I observe all the crews and members on board are working so hard to achieve the missions and tasks no matter the

The Commander of the 11th TO,
USN reviewed and saluted to the
DDG-920,ROCS Lai-Yang.


working environments are not working friendly, I encourage myself to face the incoming challenges.
  At the time before decommissioning, we all still devote ourselves to fulfill all the tasks and missions of patrolling and convoying, so DDG-920, Lai-Yang could have the best achievements in ROC Navy history.

Captain Yu Hu-Ping served as the Commanding Officer of DDG-920
from April 1, 1998.

The ship-transferring ceremony of
DDG-920, ROCS Lai-Yang at San
Diego, CA., USA.

The first Commanding Officer of DDG-920, ROCS Lai-Yang held the national flag
hoist ceremony at San Diego, CA., USA.

The photograph of the commissioning Commanding Officer (center), the
decommissioning Commanding Officer
 (left) and the US decommissioning
Commanding Officer (right) at the
DDG-920, ROCS Lai-Yang.

The decommissioning ceremony of
DDG-920, ROCS Lai-Yang.