一 般 諸 元
•艦  長: 390  呎    9 吋
•艦  寬: 41  呎  
•最大速率: 35  節  
•經濟速率: 15  節  
•吃  水: 18  呎    6 吋
•排    量: 3,300
.Length: 390  ft.    9 in.
.Width: 41 ft.  
.Max. Speed: 35 kts.  
.Eco. Speed: 15 kts.  
.Draft: 18 ft.    6 in.
.Displacement: 3,300
tons tons  (maximum)

歷 任 艦 長
第 一任艦長 任敬吾上校 (61.09.01-63.06.04)
第 二任艦長 徐 雷上校 (63.06.04-64.05.28)
第 三任艦長 南登岳上校 (64.05.28-65.01.20)
第 四任艦長 陳忠國上校 (65.01.20-66.08.26)
第 五任艦長 楊旭奎上校 (66.08.26-68.09.01)
第 六任艦長 莊鼎鑫上校 (68.09.01-70.03.09)
第 七任艦長 陳嶺龐上校 (70.03.09-71.09.20)
第 八任艦長 方俊德上校 (71.09.20-73.01.15)
第 九任艦長 蘭寧利上校 (73.01.15-74.08.01)
第 十任艦長 張金鎰上校 (74.08.01-76.01.10)
第十一任艦長 張鑫銘上校 (76.01.10-77.04.08)
第十二任艦長 利國政上校 (77.04.08-78.06.09)
第十三任艦長 包鴻翔上校 (78.06.09-79.10.03)
第十四任艦長 張勳忠上校 (79.10.03-80.11.01)
第十五任艦長 張卓賢上校 (80.11.01-82.07.01)
第十六任艦長 戴雨生上校 (82.07.01-84.01.21)
第十七任艦長 林再生上校 (84.01.21-85.08.20)
第十八任艦長 陶東浩上校 (79.03.24-80.06.06)
第十九任艦長 李聯琮中校 (80.06.06-81.07.16)

當 陽 沿 革 史
  當陽軍艦原為美國 Gearing 級驅逐艦,編號 DD764,係由美國伯利恆造船廠建造,一九四七年三月二十一日成軍,曾於一九七二年一月參加越戰,同年時月十二日在夏威夷珍珠港移交我國海軍,由首任艦長任敬吾上校代表政府接收,並命明為當陽軍艦,編號DD-911。

Mr. Sun Yuen-Chuan, the former
Prime Minister of Executive Yuan inspected the DDG-911, ROCS

The photograph of the
ship-transferring officers and crew
of DDG-911, ROCS Dang-Yang.

The ship-transferring ceremony of
DDG-911, ROCS Dang-Yang.
  DDG-911 Dang-Yang was the ex-USS Thomas, the Gearing-class destroyer, DD-764, laid down by Bethlehem Steel, S.F. CA. on March 26, 1944, launched on October 5, 1945 and commissioned on March 21, 1947. During her service, DDG-911 had joined the Vietnam War in January 1972. Later DDG-911 was transferred to ROC Navy at the Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on October 12, 1972 by Captain Ren Chin-Wu, the first Commanding Officer and renamed as Dang-Yang with the hull number DD-911.
  After DD-911 arrived at Taiwan, she was arranged for repairment and maintenance in the First Naval Shipyard for half year and then joined the Fleet combat series on September 17, 1973. In July 1980, DD-911 was under the modernization program of Wu-Chin II combat system mounted with missiles systems. In October 1990, DDG-911 executed the missile firing testing exercise of the Hsiung-Feng I Surface-to-Surface missile with Wu-Chin II combat system and successfully destroyed the target.
  DDG-911 Dang-Yang was in service of ROC Navy for 26 years and had been through 19 Commanding Officers, the mission was patrolling the Taiwan Strait and surrounding waters to convoy offshore-islands-support-and-supply, midshipman training cruise, task flotilla and various missions. She played an important role on the Navy force construction and fleet
combat readiness, secure the safety of Taiwan Strait and Maritime communications. Finally, the DDG-911 Dang-Yang was decommissioned on March 16, 1999.
陳 年 憶 往    

Admiral Ju, the former Flotilla
Commander held the relieving
and relieved Commanding
Officers ceremony of DDG-911,

The DDG-911, ROCS Dang-Yang made farewells to the US ship-transferring representatives.



  I have served on DDG-911 as the Weaponry department head in 1989 and as the X.O. in 1992. DDG-911 Dang-Yang is actually an excellent surface combatant with the high quality and standards on the maintenance of the equipments. There are so many tasks and missions that the crew called Dang-Yang a nickname, the Taxi at sea.
  I still remembered, on January 1, 1990, the New Year Day, after we executed a joint exercise with the Air Force at Makung area, we immediately sailed back to Tsoying for the helicopter landing training. Then, the Fleet Commander, Vice Admiral Ku Chung-
Lien, (later the Commander-In-Chief of ROC Navy) got onboard with the 500MD ASW helicopter and wished us a happy new year. All the crew were inspired and cheered by the words of Admiral Ku and we all took photographs with Admiral Ku in the wardroom and the flight deck to memorize this precious moment.

Captain Wang Nai has been serving as the
Weapons department head in 1989 and the X.O. in 1992 of DDG-911

The officers and crew of DDG-911, ROCS Dang-Yang
participated the the tug-of-war.

Admiral Shen, the former deputy Fleet Commander inspected the officers and
crew of DDG-911, ROCS Dang-Yang.

The DDG-911, ROCS Dang-Yang performed the vertical replenishment exercise
with the helicopter from the Army Aviation Command.

ROC de facto ambassador to the U.S. delivered a speech at the ship-transferring
ceremony of DDG-911,
ROCS Dang-Yang.

The DDG-911, ROCS Dang-Yang sailed
back to Taiwan from Pearl Harbor,
USA to join the combat series of
destroyer flotilla.

The DDG-911, ROCS Dang-Yang sailed
at sea after equipped with the Wu-Chin Combat System.